Please note, we work in a very busy and very small kitchen so while we take the utmost care with each and every cake we make, there is always a chance of cross contamination with allergens.

We use ingredients which contain traces of dairy, eggs and gluten.
Coeliac: While we offer a lot of Gluten free options and are very careful with cleaning and sterilization, our kitchen is very small and we are unable to guarantee there is no cross contamination of gluten. If you choose for your cake to be gluten free, you will be ordering at your own risk.

Nut allergies: We can’t cater for any nut allergies as all of our cakes contain ground almonds and we frequently use other nuts in our kitchen including pistachios and pecans.

Other: If you have any other severe allergy, please inform us in your order notes or call us to check in before ordering.